Faithfully depicts events in Europe during the Middle Ages: Honour and Glory by @burns_writer

Honour and Glory

The Battle for Saxony
A Historical Novel Set in the Dark Ages

by Nathaniel Burns

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Europe, in the year of the Lord 772

Like a bloody storm, Charlemagne’s armies ravage early medieval Europe, leaving devastation and misery in their wake. They have subdued the kingdom of the Langobards, defeated the duchy of Bavaria; they threaten the Moors in the west and, in the south, the pope in Rome.

Yet Charlemagne has even more ambitious plans: he covets the Saxon territories in the north. The Saxons put up an unexpectedly fierce resistance. When Charlemagne’s troops destroy the Irminsul shrine, the Saxon holy of holies, there ensues a struggle to the death. Led by the legendary Duke Widukind, for decades the Saxons fight savagely for their beliefs and their independence. And they will have their revenge...

Honour and Glory will transport the reader right into this legend-shrouded part of the Early Middle Ages. With his story, Nathaniel Burns has woven a a rich, dark tapestry of one of the pivotal periods in medieval European history. His historically accurate descriptions rich in authentic detail bring this remote, mysterious world to life again before your very eyes.

Go ahead, stoke the fire in the hearth, draw your armchair closer and dive into this wonderful historical novel full of the intrigue, the warriors and the battles of a bygone Europe.

Praise for Honour and Glory

This is a very well-written and informative historical novel. It faithfully depicts events in Europe during the Middle Ages, but in an exciting way. The author brings to life this time in history, and the reader feels a part of this world. Highly recommended!

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