Women's fiction packed with drama: Distraction by @JL_Campbell

Three Jamaican women walk a tightrope of decisions when their lives are derailed by blackmail, deceit and infidelity.


J.L. Campbell


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JUSTINE CHARLES, sensible and self-contained, battles an addiction which could destroy her marriage, reputation, and relationship with her daughter.

DIONNE JONES, an aggressive go-getter, takes risks that cut a trail of devastation through her family and business.

KYRA MILLS, struggling single mother, is crippled by debt, bad judgment and destructive choices.

Can two of the long-time friends survive startling revelations involving their partners? And will the other push her obsession to the point of danger?

Praise for Distraction

From the teaser chapter of the sequel, at the end of this novel, I get the impression there'll be more coming from these characters, for which I'm glad. I want the soap opera to go on! Great beach read, whether you're anywhere near the Caribbean or not.

This is a brilliantly-written novel about three very different women, their enduring friendship, and how they support one another through the tough times in their lives. Romance, illicit affairs, family conflict ... this story has it all. The author certainly deals with some difficult issues, from adultery and addiction, to domestic violence and sexually transmitted diseases, but she handles them with the compassion and sensitivity I've come to so admire in her writing. Though I've never been to Jamaica, the narrative is rich with detail about the setting and culture, and I had no trouble at all in imagining myself there.

If you enjoy women's fiction packed with drama that will keep you turning the pages till the very end, I can highly recommend this book.

This is an honest story of three Jamaican women who stand by one another, even when they disagree, even when they do stupid things. Each of the characters is unique, each with her own baggage, her own weaknesses, and her own strengths. It's a slice of real life, people you feel as if you know rather than made-up fictional characters. They take you into their lives, their fears, their hopes, and their disappointments.

I thoroughly enjoyed each of their stories as they took risks and tried to become more than they were. There were successes and failures, with the women sometimes moving forward, sometimes clinging to the past. And I love the laid-back, Jamaican atmosphere. A sort of calm settled over me as I read, even when the story became suspenseful, even when emotions ran high. I could feel the sweat, the cooling breezes, smell the island's exotic flowers. This book is meant to be read on a summer beach with your shoes off, toes in the sand.

Author Bio

J.L. Campbell is an award-winning Jamaican writer, who is always on the look out for story-making material.

She writes romantic suspense, women's fiction and young adult novels. Campbell is the author of A Baker's Dozen:13 Steps to Distraction, Contraband, Dissolution, Distraction, Don't Get Mad...Get Even, Kicked to the Kerb, Retribution and Hardware (written under the pen name Jayda McTyson).