Airships, Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies: The Devil's Harvest by @ScottWhitmore

The Devil's Harvest

Carpathia Timeline

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France, 1916: The Great War in Western Europe is at a stalemate with the Allies and Central Powers facing each other from muddy trenches on either side of the deadly No Man’s Land. To end the years of bloody warfare, the Germans plan to unleash the perfect weapon in a villainous attack that will guarantee an unconditional victory over France and Britain.

Bullet-proof and impervious to shellfire, a horde of the undead is about to sweep over Europe in a wave of unrestrainable death. Except no one told the Germans two things: anyone killed by the bite of a zombie becomes a zombie ... and zombies don't pick sides.

To stop the Germans, an elite team of British soldiers led by Major Daniel O'Brien set out on a daring raid behind enemy lines. But in war no plan survives intact, and when the Germans lose control of their perfect weapon O'Brien's group, including two vampires and a raconteur dame, must fight their way aboard a highly-armed German airship to halt the spread of the zombie plague throughout Europe.

The Devil’s Harvest, an action-packed Steampunk/paranormal thriller and the second book in The Carpathia Timeline, is set thirty years after the events of Carpathia.

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After spending years trying to locate and destroy Prince Radu Zeklos, the vampire that killed his fiancé, Daniel Jameson finds a solution to his problem when in the summer of 1882 the King of Romania decides to host an international race of “self-propelled ground machines” through the Carpathian Mountains.

Four nations — Germany, England, France and the United States — are set to take part in the race, and Jameson finds allies in Major William “Stump” O’Brien, the American team’s military liaison, and Olivia Lowenby, the daughter of the man responsible for building the English vehicle and a woman who also desires revenge against the vampire for the death of her brother.

Initially opposed to the race because if successful it will destroy the “traditional way of life” for Romania’s vampires and werewolves, Prince Zeklos has changed his mind. He too seizes the contest as an opportunity to achieve something he has spent years dreaming of: the creation of a new nation of the undead, Carpathia.

With airships battling in the skies and humans fighting undead creatures on the ground, “Carpathia” is filled with action and plot twists as Jameson and Zeklos maneuver to achieve their very different goals.

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Born and raised in the Midwest, Scott Whitmore turned to writing after 20 years of service in the US Navy. He has written for The Herald, a daily newspaper located in Everett, Wash., with a circulation of 45,000. He has also contributed to Sports Northwest magazine,, and Racing in America. Scott currently works as a freelance writer and marketing consultant, specializing in motorsports. He wrote and published "Short Track Saturday Nights," a book about the 2008 racing season at Evergreen Speedway, Washington’s only NASCAR home track.