Book Review: Dust to Blood (Red Slaves) by @tmycann #scifi

Dust to Blood

Red Slaves

By Tonya Cannariato

Genre: Science Fiction

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Book Synopsis

Chicago-based researcher Anne Crosby is traveling to Russia to investigate the hidden past of nine orphans who share an unusual bond--dust for blood. On her intriguing journey through post-Soviet Union Russia, she discovers a secret power buried in the country's history and sought by the newly reborn KGB, which is determined to regain ascendancy.

Secret dungeons, dragons, and her research associates' KGB connections have Anne looking over her shoulder at every turn. That doesn't prevent her from indulging in a bit of matchmaking in the midst of frantic adventures chasing down old secrets, rescuing a 15-year-old girl who is more than she seems, and running from rogue KGB agents.

As Anne and her entourage dig deeper into the ancient mysteries, she learns nothing is what it appears. Her life is forever transformed by her search for the true history of these Red Slaves.

Mark Wood's Rating

Mark Wood's Review

When a young, ambitious reporter heads to Russia to investigate traditional folk tales of dragons, they quickly discover a bizarre group of people who appear to possess red dust for blood and who have no memory of their childhood. They seem to age and heal slower than anyone else and have formed tight knit groups to protect themselves from curious outsiders.

By investigating further, this reporter slowly discovers the shocking truth that dragons may not be as extinct as everyone thinks!

This was an okay book that didn't, to me, seem very credible and was populated by 2-dimensional characters that I never really got my teeth into. The premise, initially interesting, soon became a bit boring and overall, I struggled to see this through to the end. I wanted it to be good but unfortunately, it did nothing for me at all.

Review Disclaimer: The book was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.