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— Sci-fi writer and digital creative
— Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Author who loves vampires
— Aussie horror and paranormal writer
— book blogger, goodreads menage moderator
— sci fi paranormal romance writer and nerd
— writing erotica on the beach
— Supervillain and fantasy writer
— Post-Apocalyptic writer
— Masquerade obsessed writer
— Award-winning writer, writing from New Zealand
— I am a housewife who enjoys reading.
— Romance writer
— Book Cover Designs
— Artist turned writer, first novel.
— Reviewer
— science fiction writer
— Contemporary romance author with a twist, aims to please!
— Thriller writer
— Romance and women’s contemporary fiction writer
— Psychologist, self-help author
— Boomer fiction' novelist
— fantasy writer
— mystery writer
— Author of Safe Havens black ops series
— Political Intrigue Author
— Author of Historic Fantasy novel
— Suspense writer
— I love writing about drama, suspense, romance, passion, and intrigue.
— Romance Novelist
— Writer of Stuff, Doer of Things
— Author of historical and contemporary fiction
— Scifi writer, mayhem maven, cat custodian
— Sci fi/Fantasy author, metal singer, gaming journalist.
— Business analyst/strategist
— horror, urban fantasy and steampunk LGBTQIA author from Ohio
— Independent author of contemporary romance, mother, wife, teacher
— fantasy/historical and steampunk author
— writing between lines... that's my genre :-)
— fantasy writer
— paranormal romanc author
— book reviewer & blogger
— Thriller and Sci-Fi Novelist
— A 'foxy Czech' who penned THE WIG books
— YA paranomal/romance writer
— random writer
— thebest
— Bestselling Erotic Romance Author
— Writer, photographer, artist, and Wild Rider
— Cabin Goddess - Alaskan Cabin Dwelling Book Blogger
— Fiction Author
— Fiction Author
— R.J. Belle's Boy Toy
— Book Reviewer and Blogger
— Dark genre writer, illustrator, webmaster and epublisher
— Young Adult Fantasy Author, lover of geeky stuff
— The Ticking Realm - Paranormal Fantasy Romance
— YA fantasy author
— Romance author. Heart-centered, powerful, transformational stories.
— YA epic fantasy author
— romance author, poet, and filmmaker
— I write, I blog, and I make short films.
— Yeah Books! Book Reviews and Promotion