Her father is a grand dragon of the KKK. The Dragon's Daughter by @skh1968

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The Dragon's Daughter

Written by Sharon Honeycutt

Genre: Young Adult, Suspense

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Mariah Baxter only has to make it through two more years in Fountain Park and then she can get away—away from her small town, from the kids at school who hate her, but most of all from her dad who just happens to be a grand dragon in the Ku Klux Klan.

For more than ten years, Mariah’s worn the robe and hood. She’s gone to the rallies, carried the torches. For more than ten years, she’s toed the line. She’s been the good Klan daughter her father expected her to be—there were no other options. At least, that’s what she’d grown up believing. 

But Mariah’s junior year changes everything. Her life suddenly becomes more dangerous—and yet better—all at once. Taking a leap that will test the strength of the chains that have bound her all her life, Mariah might break free, but that freedom may cost her more than she could have ever imagined.

An excerpt from

The Dragon's Daughter

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Fans are saying

I completely enjoyed it. The characters were very believable, and some were scarily too real.

The author's style of writing makes "The Dragon's Daughter" very easy to read. The story, sadly, seems as though it almost could be a true tale that Ms Honeycutt is relating.

I felt empathy for the young heroine, who had to hide her true feelings, just to exist in her father's world filled with hate.

Looking forward to this author's next book!

Thoroughly enjoyed this book!

It drew me in immediately and held my attention to the very end. I couldn't put it down.

Loved the perspective from the Klansman's daughter.

Honeycutt's writing style makes you feel as if you are a "fly on the wall" personally watching everything unfold.

Looking forward to her next book!

Author Bio

Sharon Honeycutt

I write because I have people living in my head and they need somewhere of their own to call home. 

Born and raised in Indiana, I've traveled some and seen beautiful places, but I still love the open fields and the rows of corn and beans I recognize as home.