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Written by Lily Stuart

Genre: Young Adult, Mystery

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When Lily Stuart's mum resorts to the web for her romance - the world-wide-web - Lily resorts to her own bit of web-weaving to fend off the two candidates for replacement daddy.

The trouble is neither are quite how they first appear to be. Meanwhile Jas is getting on Matt, Melissa is being an utter bitch, Dad and Mum still don't get it that they should be trying again and The Hitler Youth Brigade - aka school - are on Lily's case to choose what her future is going to be like. If she still has one that is...

It's enough to turn a girl to drink. Luckily it doesn't, but it does turn Lily detective in an attempt to solve all her problems and evade the Russian roulette murderer.

A tricky tale of the internet, as told by Lily Stuart, intrepid reporter and PI – (which doesn't mean P*** Ignorant, by the way) – in my diary, where Mum won’t see it, of course …

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Fans are saying

Webs is a teen action adventure novel with all the adolescent drama that goes along with it.

Lily Stuart, a run of the mill teenager, is facing difficulty on many fronts. First, there is the splitting up of her parents and her mother’s obsession with finding romance on the internet. There’s also the usual cliques at school that all of us found to be so tiring when we experienced it ourselves.

The other subplot there is an unsolved murder, which provides twists and turns, engaging the reader from the opening pages.

It’s a great book for the tweener reader in your life.

5 stars!
— Karma

The opening sequence of Webs find Lily Stuart staring down the barrel of a gun moments before the teenager is shot at.

The story is unique in that it's told from two different perspectives. The first is the diary of Lily Stuart, who details the events leading up to the crime. The second is that of Lily's attacker who provides a view into the events after the encounter with Lily. Read intently as the two perspectives converge.

Webs is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

It's a teen sleuth novel that I would happily recommend to any teenage reader.

Excellent read!
— Brian

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Author Bio

Lily Stuart

Lily Stuart is the pen name I use for my YA novels. You can find the real writer behind the name in the biography under the author name D.B. Martin.

As well as YA novels, I write adult thriller and literary fiction under the names of D.B. Martin and Debrah Martin. I'm also the Chair of an Oxfordshire literary festival.

There's more information about me and my writing on www.debrahmartin.co.uk as well as the website dedicated to Lily and her P.I. proclivities: www.lily-stuart.co.uk