Dark Fantasy: The Tears of San'Ferath by @WereAuthor

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The Tears of San'Ferath

Written by D. Thomas-Jerlo

Genre: Dark Fantasy


Allanoria is shifting into a new age—a world without mage’ic. For reasons unknown, I sense this is a passing phase, and that one day the land’s mage’ic will return. San’Ferath readies to succumb to my final spell, The Undying Sleep. Invoking such power shall end my life, but I go willingly, as does he, for when the need is great...so shall he wake.

An excerpt from

The Tears of San'Ferath

Author Bio

D. Thomas-Jerlo

As a best-selling and award nominated author of fantasy and paranormal, D. Thomas Jerlo's novels hook unsuspecting readers into worlds of mage'ic and refuses to let them go until that last page is read. 

Although published in the United States, D. Thomas Jerlo is a Canadian author through and through. 

"Everything in life happens for a reason, be it good or bad, and it's because of this we learn to never take anything for granted."