The Taming of Adam, Part 1: The Path to Envale by @jasonmhubbard #reveal

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The Taming of Adam

Part 1: The Path to Envale

Written by Jason Hubbard

Genre: Urban Fantasy


Meet Adam Taylor. He is a black mage: a magic-wielder who draws power from the essence of shadows. He is also a loner who prefers only his own company and dreams of power simply to make a living with it. He shuns and pushes away others, making him an extremely rude and antisocial miscreant. On the inside, though, he is a sensitive soul who doesn't quite know the meaning of love and friendship.

Gene London, meanwhile, is a famous attorney who has a knack for defending difficult cases. He is also a government lobbyist who speaks to lawmakers on behalf of corporations (a normally legal profession as long as he doesn't give lawmakers luxurious gifts ... which he regularly does). Lately, he's been seeing a mysterious person whom he calls "the lady in the mirror." This lady claims she is trapped in another dimension, and she says that if London finds a way to free her, she will be his forevermore.

Little did Adam know, on the day he did something foolish and horrific, that he was setting himself on a course to a meeting with the dastardly Gene London ... and setting in motion a series of events that will change him for better or worse.

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The Taming of Adam

Author Bio

Jason Hubbard

The name is Jason Hubbard, born and raised in Pennsylvania, currently living in fabulous Las Vegas.  I am an author of six novels (plus one I started when I was 17 which was never finished and will never see the light of day if I have anything to say about it), two of which are published.