One man discovers a terrible truth. Seasons of Truth: Summer by @SJMagner #scifi #giveaway

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Seasons of Truth: Summer

The Hunters Chronicle Book 3

Written by Scott James Magner

Genre: Science Fiction, Alternative History, Horror


In a world ruled by faith and fear, one man discovers a terrible truth: We are not alone...

Father Carlos de Roja had high hopes for his time in Paris, but nothing could have prepared him for the lies and half-truths that rule the city's shadows.

As his visions of the past grow more intense, Carlos becomes increasingly isolated from those around him. He must find new allies in his search for truth--a search complicated by the arrival of a mysterious inquisitor with his own agenda...

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Seasons of Truth: Summer

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Fans are saying

SoT: Winter is an excellent start to a story that promises to grip you like an affection-starved octopus.

Magner's attention to detail brings the setting to life and immersed me in it from the very beginning.

Frankly, this story read similarly to The Name of the Rose, so if you like compelling plot threads and realistic detail in your fictional words, buy this and hang on for the next one.

Seasons of Truth: Spring (Part Two of Four) whets the appetite for more of The Hunter's Chronicle.

I ate this one up, and hope you will too!

Copies of the first three books 

will be awarded to

5 random tweeters

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Author Bio

Scott James Magner

Scott James Magner is a writer, editor, designer, developer, and worldbuilder. In addition to his novels, his work appears in tabletop and online roleplaying games (most notably Dungeons and Dragons, AION, Lineage II, and TERA), card games, miniatures games and board games. He has a passion for movies and classic science fiction, and spends his days tweaking and twisting new worlds.