Starting in November, Cover Wars will ... #marketing

By tweeting this post, you can earn promotional tweets from me as part of the Amazon Tweet Exchange.
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Due to the growing popularity of Cover Wars and the Scavenger Hunt(s), I've decided to split them up. You are still more than welcome to purchase both of them, but they won't necessarily run in sync. I'll be upgrading the Scavenger Hunts, hopefully making them better, but more information about that later. For now, let's focus on the new Cover Wars.

The Battle is Moving to an Island

First, I'm taking the price down to $5. The reason is simple. Books will be guaranteed to be listed on the vote for only 2 weeks. The third and fourth week of the month will be when the final rounds will take place—either one or two, depending on how many books sign up.

The books that get voted off the island half way through the month will be mentioned in a post, extending their promotion a little. A farewell of sorts. So, books that don't make the final round will get about 3 weeks of promotion, give or take.

We'll see how this works out, but I'm hoping it will encourage authors to promote their book alongside my extensive promotion. And, hopefully, it will make the entire campaign more exciting, amping up the competition more.

Promotion Details

About 10 books or so will go up against one another in each post. (One month we had 40 books or so, so we had 4 posts) Fans of this site and those of the participating authors are encouraged to vote for their favorite covers each day.  A banner at the top of the site will make finding the post(s) easy.

During the third and fourth weeks of the month semi-final and final rounds will take place. The best books from the first round will go up against one another.

I will promote each of the books using tweets specific to each book, using the following format, most prominently during the first round.

VOTE for BOOK TITLE by @TWITTERHANDLE or one of X others.

Filling out the Form

After you have paid for a spot, please fill out the form linked at the bottom of this post. The ASIN, Amazon's unique identification code for your book, can be found in the Product Details section of the book's Amazon page. For a Kindle version, it should look something like this: B009XTVGNE

If you only have a paperback version of your book or that's the cover you'd like to use, the code will be the book's ISBN-10 code, which can also be found in the Product Details section. It would look something like this: 1481856103

I ask for a secret word or short phrase on both the Paypal form as well as the Google form. These two should match up, obviously. That's how we know which payment goes with which form entry. Pick something that can easily be read at a glance. Don't prolong our processing time, please.

Also, try to pick something that is unique. It would be useless if everyone used the same secret word. It's secret, after all. So, pick something about your book or you that other authors wouldn't likely use.

Purchase a Cover Wars Slot


Secret Word:

Once you have paid for a slot, 
please fill out the form HERE.