Get more Twitter followers by joining the Masquerade Train.

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I have created a new Twitter account. It's sole purpose will be to help you and me get more Twitter followers. It won't be like the other Masq accounts that have tons of tweets each day. Rather, it will only have a few.

If you would like your Twitter account to be promoted on this new account, all you have to do is sign up below (the form at the bottom of this post).

Although I can't force you to follow this new account, it would help out a lot. The more that follow this account, the further your #Follow tweets will go.

In fact, I would recommend retweeting your #Follow tweet when you see it. Add a comment, encouraging your followers to follow The Masquerade Train. Direct them here so they can get more followers too.

Oh, and this new account will follow back everyone that follows it. (Though I may not get on it everyday to follow people back ... so be patient please)

In any case, the new Twitter account is @MasqTrain.