Paranormal Romance Authors, pay attention: Masquerade Mega Packs.

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NOTE: a second blog post with tons of information can be found HERE.

Boxed sets and multiple-author collections are all the rage right now. In fact, it's the new 99¢ promotion. And it's one of the easier ways to get up to the top of the charts. Every one I've seen are bestsellers.

A question bugs me.

Can I do that for my clients?

Well, I would like to find out. So, I'm creating Masquerade MegaPacks.

First, I'm not going to limit a collection to just books that are already bestsellers. Those collections have their place, but I would like to continue our every day mission: assist the indie, those who have no voice ... or at least a much smaller one.

So, just about any well-written book will be accepted. A limited quality check will be used to determine if the book is of finer quality. In this regard I'm basically worried about grammar, so if after reading a random page or two I find a ton of grammar errors, I may reject it.

As far as the rest of the book goes, I won't worry too much about it. There will be enough books to make any plot or character issues seem less significant, and what I've learned from working on our time travel anthology is that not everyone is going to be happy ... no matter how much effort and professional care you put into it ... so I'm not going to waste my time or energy.

There will be no FEE to join a collection.

That's right. I won't charge the authors anything to be in a collection. I will make all my money off of the royalties of the collection. That means that any featured author will be giving me permission to sell their book for a set number of months (probably six).

The authors won't receive any royalties from me, but just imagine how many people might see a book if the collection becomes a best seller.

Another thing I won't worry about is if a book has a cliffhanger or not. I will be candid in the synopsis on Amazon, but I won't reject a book just for having a cliffhanger. So, I encourage authors to use this to promote a series.

Each collection will be organized by genre, and if you can't tell from the title of this post, I'll be starting with Paranormal Romance. It seems to be one of the most popular of the genres out there, so if this experiment is going to work at all, that's the genre to pick.

Here's what I need from you.

Ask me questions. Some of them I probably would have thought of. Others will be new to me. 

You can leave a comment on this post if you wish, or if you prefer your comment/question/suggestion to be private, send me an email.


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