18 Reasons Why Cover Wars and the Scavenger Hunt are Awesome!

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Cover Wars and the Scavenger Hunt have been a regular feature here on The Masquerade Crew for quite some time—a little more than a year, actually. Each month we feature the covers of a score of books from various genres. The books participating in the Scavenger Hunt (plus giveaway) get even more attention. 

Why Cover Wars and
the Scavenger Hunt are

  1. It's  FUN.
  2. It's cheap.
  3. The exposure can't be denied or ignored.
  4. Number 3 has always been true, but since the popularity of this campaign has skyrocketed in recent months, denying its exposure is inexcusable. 
  5. If you participate in the Scavenger Hunt, new fans may be the result.
  6. Even if you don't do the Scavenger Hunt, a new fan or two may tag along just because of your awesome cover.
  7. Those that get your book for free in the giveaway may review the book (especially if you ask them nicely).
  8. Those same people may like to hear about your other books or future releases (newsletter).
  9. Scores of people will see your cover, many of them multiple times throughout the month.
  10. You'll gain some Twitter followers and Facebook likes.
  11. Some people will see your blog/website.
  12. Some people will visit your book's Amazon page.
  13. Some people will answer a question about your book.
  14. You'll have a chance to extend the exposure for no extra cost (if you win Cover Wars).
  15. It gives you a platform to advertise your book.
  16. You'll be helping fellow authors at the same time.
  17. You'll have the chance to network with said authors.
  18. Did I mention it's cheap fun?!
To order a slot in the next available Cover Wars/Scavenger Hunt campaign, see this post.