"Fantastically passionate!" Martine The Beginning by @EdwinaJWhite #romance

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Martine The Beginning

Cruising to Love, The Prequel Book 1

Written by Edwina J White

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Martine at twenty was focused on one thing only, building up her business. That's all she'd concentrated on, her Art Gallery. All she'd ever dreamed of.

She worked the early shift at a bakery to subsidize her gallery while it was becoming established.

Martine had never had a boyfriend, she was far too busy with her business. And then Lucas walked in the door, bought a painting and swept her off to dinner and she found out what life and love were really about...

Could the naïve young woman and the sophisticated business consultant find love, or was it just chemistry?

An excerpt from

Martine The Beginning


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Fans are saying

Fantastically passionate 
and well written!

Martine: The Beginning is a fantastic love story about two young love birds, Martine and Lucas that fall for each other literally at first sight. Martine and Lucas share common ground in life and connect due to their life experience.

This book is very well written and you are sucked into the characters almost immediately! The author has a great talent in character building and descriptive writing skills, which made this story a delight to read. The interaction and dialogue between Martine and Lucas draws you into their love story and you can literally feel their spark and passion flying off the page!

Once I picked this book up, I literally couldn't put it back down and read it straight through! A truly easy to read book that is extremely entertaining! I definitely would like to read more from this author and I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

— Charlie

This is a well written book which delivers hours of passionate fun. I was impressed with the main characters, they are realistic and well envisioned. The back story is interesting and I liked reading how she balances business and love interests. I couldn’t wait to find out what happened in the end. Brilliant book, highly recommended.

Author Bio

Edwina J White

I am British, and live in Canada, just south of Vancouver. I think I was about eleven or twelve when I started to write -- I thought I was destined to be a best selling author as I penned my Perry Mason type mysteries (I hadn't discovered boys in those days!). Other interests, travel and life in general intervened, and it was many years later that I sat down and started to write again. The results are now available on Amazon, both on Kindle and in Print, and I'm still hopeful of becoming a best selling author.

My hobbies are quilting and cruising. I've lived in Australia and travelled extensively throughout many parts of the world. Any resemblance to me and the heroine of Francesca's Voyage is purely coincidental. Or is it? My sister isn't so sure...after all, the picture of my lucky slot machine on the Sapphire Princess is remarkably similar to one that's so luck for Francesca in Francesca's Voyage, isn't it? So she's asking me, what else happened on my cruise across the Pacific?