Skillfully written, excellent pace. The Shadow of the World by @GregoryCarrico

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The Shadow of the World

(Sand, part 1)

Written by Gregory Carrico

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror

In this gritty “Dark Knight meets The Wire” superhero series, an ex-con tries to overcome his blackouts and memory loss with the help of his prison psychiatrist. Along with his returning memories, he finds evidence that his daughter and grandson are in mortal danger from a brutal killer with a grudge. But he also discovers a side to his personality that only comes out during his blackouts: a superhero with telepathic powers.

As he finds himself in a complex world of betrayal, dangerous alien biotechnology, and a dimensional rift to a world of waking nightmares, can he bring together the fragments of his broken mind in time to save his family, or is everything he thinks he knows just another figment of a deluded killer’s imagination?

Praise for

The Shadow of the World (Sand)

Gregory Carrico weaves an excellent tale of a man fighting against something he doesn't understand in this first novel of the Sand series.

All in all, I'd give this a five star rating, but with the caveat that the reader might be tempted to put the book down. Don't. What comes once things start moving leaves you breathless, waiting for more.

Skillfully written and made me feel the immediacy of Wayne's problems.

It kept me wondering if Wayne was a good or a bad guy - innocent or guilty. But regardless, I still wanted to like him. His character is well developed and his angst to get out and find his daughter and grandson were felt throughout the pages.

The pace was great and kept me turning the pages.