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Written by Gene Doucette

Genre: Science Fiction Thriller

Book Synopsis

As a child, he dreamed of being a superhero. Most people never get to realize their childhood dreams, but Corrigan Bain has come close. He is a fixer. His job is to prevent accidents—to see the future and “fix” things before people get hurt. But the ability to see into the future, however limited, isn’t always so simple. Sometimes not everyone can be saved.

“Don’t let them know you can see them.”

Graduate students from a local university are dying, and former lover and FBI agent Maggie Trent is the only person who believes their deaths aren’t as accidental as they appear. But the truth can only be found in something from Corrigan Bain’s past, and he’s not interested in sharing that past, not even with Maggie.

To stop the deaths, Corrigan will have to face up to some old horrors, confront the possibility that he may be going mad, and find a way to stop a killer no one can see.

Corrigan Bain is going insane . . . or is he?

Because there’s something in the future that doesn’t want to be seen. It isn’t human. It's got a taste for mayhem. And it is very, very angry.

Staci T.'s Review

Fixer, by Gene Doucette, is a sci-fi/fantasy/thriller amalgam set in the Boston area. The novel does not follow a traditionally chronological timeline; rather it jumps from present to past (and even the near future) to reveal who protagonist Corrigan Bain is, how his upbringing formed the man he is, and what promises the future holds for him. The characters (the non-evil characters) are all likeable and the plot, while requiring belief in scientific advances, does not necessitate a doctorate to understand. The description on Amazon led me to believe this novel would be an exciting and interesting read, and it didn’t disappoint.

Parts of the novel set in the past reveal young Corry to be a quiet boy interested in developing his gift (and he isn’t really sure what that gift is at that time) to the point where he can become a superhero. Incidents when he was a small boy left a rift between him and his mother—one he misinterpreted as her fear of him. Later he meets a man with advanced abilities similar to his own, and that sets him on the path toward becoming the hero he always dreamed of being.

This is where the present is revealed. He has a love interest who works for the FBI and wants to involve him in a puzzling case—one he doesn’t want to be involved with for fear of unearthing past traumas in his life. But—hero that he is—he gets involved and as he expected, drags out the ghosts from his past. He is, however, the only person who can battle the bad guys. Because they, like him, operate in a future plane of existence. The only problem is, he hasn’t mastered control of his powers to figure out how to stop the future creatures. His interactions with them take place in that future-window, and it’s exhilarating to see the outcome.

Corrigan has help along the way from former friends, a college professor, his doctor, and his FBI love interest, but in the end, he has to face the battle alone. I only wish I could spend more time with the characters and learn more about them. Fixer is an exciting story. Even without the intimate exploration of the characters’ thoughts and feelings, Fixer is definitely a fast, easy read worth your time.

Review Disclaimer: Book provided in exchange for an honest review.

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