5.0 on the Masq Scale. The Sundered by @RuthanneReid #scifi #bookreview

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The Sundered

Written by Ruthanne Reid

Genre: Science Fiction

Book Synopsis

Nineteen-year-old Harry has a reputation for greatness: great for scavenging goods from the planet-wide flood, and great for being crazy.

Belief in the Hope of Humanity labels you quickly here; that legendary machine vanished centuries ago, and only Harry's family clings maniacally to the hunt. Humans hide in crowded cities, trying to ignore the black water that kills on contact and covers the whole world. Food and shelter come at the expense of enslaving Sundered Ones - bizarre and colorful telekinetic aliens who lack only the power to free themselves. The Sundered make food. The Sundered make shelter. The Sundered are also dying out, and when they're gone, mankind will quickly follow.

When Harry claims an unusually clever and powerful Sundered named Aakesh, he learns he's not the only one searching for the Hope, and he's also entered a deadly race with terrorists - human and Sundered - who want to turn the Hope against each other. With the survival of two species riding on every action, Harry goes to war against childhood trauma, against clever and manipulative Sundered Ones, and against the father figure he thought he could trust above all. In Harry's broken, flooded world, survival comes at a price.

Barbara G's Review

Sundered is an amazing Science Fiction novel, written by Ruthanne Reid. I have to say, it was surprisingly enticing and delicious book, from page 1.

Harry Isinger is the last of a long line of “Travelers”. Aakesh is a Sundered unlike any known. Noble, proud and with an ethos that makes Harry wonder who is the Sundered and who is the Master, you care deeply about both characters. The mystery that ties Harry and Aakesh together drew me in from the start, compelling me to read the entire book in little more than one sitting.

Reid’s world-building and character development is subtle, thorough and refreshing. The suspense deepens the further you read and the ending makes you realize you sort of knew what was happening but never quite pulled all the pieces together. I can’t say enough about this book, so I’ll be saying a lot to other readers. Primarily, “read it!”

I’d give “Sundered” a 5 on the Masq Scale. I RARELY give ratings this high, and am glad I got the chance to do so.

Review Disclaimer: Book provided in exchange for an honest review.

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