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Fall and Winter are a great time to relax beside the fire, and we're here to help you feed the need to read with space opera science fiction from galaxies near and far. We have titles to meet every taste, often with stellar ratings and reviews--and check out the incredible deals many of the authors are running, such as free copies or promotional pricing.

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Find Your Next Favorite Space Opera Series!

(Ratings below are for the first book in a series)

SkyhunterTHE TARGON TALES 4.5 Avg on Amazon Book 1: Sky Hunter: Follow Air Command pilot Nova Whiteside and other memorable characters through a series of adventures as she struggles to reconcile her ideals with those of the galactic empire that doesn't always play by its own rules. Visit http://www.chrisreher.com/ for more about this series. DEAL: Sky Hunter, Book One, is free to download from Amazon October 15th through 18th.

Ghost in the MachineGHOST IN THE MACHINE 4.4 Avg on Amazon Join the small crew of the starship Zera as they complete missions for the Corwint Central Agency. In this first book of the series, questions of trust, love, and existence are explored as the crew searches for clues about a biological weapon. Going against the rules of her Vesparian Sisterhood, Orynn is thrown into the open by a request for help that she can’t refuse and the desire to reconcile past mistakes.

As a Mechatronic Automaton, Ethan defines his world through a set of logically defined values. Should he trust the feelings he is developing for Orynn, or the logic that she is trying to control him for some unknown purpose. Ghosts of the past clash with hopes for the future in this first book of the series, set in a universe where nothing is as it seems at first glance and trust is a highly priced commodity. DEAL: Download, for FREE, this full-length Space Opera novel.

Breath of LifeTHE GAIAN CONSORTIUM SERIES 4.1 Avg on Amazon The Gaian Consortium Series is set hundreds of years in the future, when Gaia (Earth) has aggressively colonized a significant section of the galaxy. The Gaians are not the only humanoid race in the galaxy, however, and humanity's interactions with the other races range from peaceful to openly hostile. The Gaian Consortium seeks to continue its outward expansion...sometimes with less than positive results.

In Book 1, Anika Jespers, a homesteader’s daughter on a Gaian colony, thinks she’s destined for a dull existence on her family’s farm. But when her father makes an impossible bargain with their neighbor, one of the alien Zhore, she faces a future different from anything she could have possibly imagined. The familiar story of Beauty and the Beast takes on new life in this science fiction romance novella, with the Beauty a homesteader's daughter and the Beast an alien on a faraway colony world. DEAL: Book 1 is only 99¢ (usually $2.99) for a limited time! For more information on the Gaian Consortium series, click here.

Beacon_cover_200pxTHE BEACON SAGA 4.9 Avg on Amazon / 4.0 Avg on Goodreads They call it the Shroud, and Beacon is the only star that survived its wrath. At this endpoint of existence, humanity lingers on alongside a vast refugee fleet of every surviving species. Layers of orbiting ships can provide you everything—except children.

So when Mally and Tersias conceive, they are instant celebrities, lavished with accolades and gifts. But their act will carry a high cost, starting with the return of a specter from the past. And the end will become the beginning. DEAL: Download Part 1 Free on Amazon, or the platform of your choice!

Hard DutyMERKIARRI WARS 4.1 Avg on Amazon Book 1: Hard Duty: Humanity's last encounter with aliens saw sixteen point two billion people killed in a war with the Merkiaari that had spanned decades. When one small ship discovers a new alien race, Captain Jeff Colgan of the survey ship ASN Canada is at the tip of the spear. His ship made the discovery, his crew's lives are on the line, and his decisions will decide the outcome.

Will he be responsible for another sixteen billion deaths?

The pressure is more than any one man can possibly take, but he has no choice but to shoulder it and perform his duty. He must investigate and make recommendations, but when the aliens discover his ship and begin hunting him through their system, his mission changes from one of study to one of survival. DEAL: FREE on Amazon and iTunes. For more information on the Merkiarri Wars series, click here.

Nexus OneTHE SONTEM TRILOGY 4.1 Avg on Amazon Book 1: As national governments cede society to international and soon-to-be intergalactic corporations, Sontem launches the Nexus and the Argus, two intergenerational starships sent as emissaries to the cosmos, but whose sole mission is to secure mining rights for the parent company. The ships are armed with the best of mankind's minds and technology, and a sense of manifest destiny.

Captain Anderson Grant of the Nexus, the second starship in Sontem's budding armada, prepares to boldly fight and screw where no man has before. But Anderson and his crew struggle to maintain their humanity in the face of deception, exploitation, (sexually) aggressive aliens, and a system that ultimately respects its crew more for their genetic capacity than their individuality. Try Book 1 here. For more information on the Sontem Trilogy, click here.

Bright HorizonsBRIGHT HORIZONS 4.2 Avg on Amazon Book 1: Earth has been thrust onto the Galactic stage. After their initial first contact with an alien race, mankind is faced with aggression and war from others in the galaxy. Colonel Kyle Martin leads his team of marines to prevent an invasion of Earth from a mighty alien threat. Try Book 1 here.

Star WanderersSTAR WANDERERS 3.9 Avg on Amazon When Jeremiah arrived at Megiddo Station, all he wanted was to make some trades and resupply his starship. He never thought he'd come away with a wife. Before he knows it, he's back on his ship, alone with his accidental bride. Since neither of them speak the same language, he has no way to tell her that there's been a terrible mistake.

And because of the deadly famine ravaging her home, there's no going back. She's entirely at his mercy, and that terrifies him more than anything. Jeremiah isn't ready to take responsibility for anyone. He's a star wanderer, roaming the Outworld frontier in search of his fortune. Someday he'll settle down, but for now, he just wants to drop the girl off at the next port and move on. As he soon finds out though, she has other plans. Try Book 1 here.

LacunaTHE LACUNA SERIES 3.6 Avg on Amazon Book 1: Lacuna: "Never again attempt to develop this kind of technology." It is with these words that an unknown alien attacker destroys the Earth cities of Tehran, Sydney and Beijing. Fifty million people die... and nothing is ever the same again.

 Some call them Demons, some call them Aliens, but to Chinese Naval Captain Melissa Liao they are the enemy. She is given command of one of three great warships built to fight the "demons", the TFR Beijing. Her task is simple. Find who attacked Earth and why... then stop them. Try Book 1 here.

StarshipSTARSHIP 3.7 Avg on Amazon Book 1: "Ad Astra" launches STARSHIP, fresh episodic fiction from award-winning author Kevin O. McLaughlin. The first season of five episodes, released weekly, will carry the reader through a single novel-length adventure from Earth to the stars, and from broken spirits to humanity’s unlikely heroes.

If life knocked you down, would you risk everything you had left to reach for the stars? Find out more information on the Starship series, click here. Try Book 1 here.


AydiaTHE AYDIAN SERIES 3.5 Avg on Amazon Aydia is the first book in The Aydian Series, a sweeping panorama of power, lust, and ultimate redemption. Following a half-century of peace, Aydia is once again on the verge of war. Rayson Sacks, representing the planet's strongest nation, is desperately working to diffuse the crisis. Saira Senten, a beautiful, powerful Srendian woman first "awakened" by Rayson years before as a college freshman, now seeks out her original lover.

Cool and distant, Saira warns of a renewed totalitarian threat from Rayson's closest associates, yet offers nothing in the way of proof. The past and present instantly collide in a shocking web of desire and deceit, with the future of a planet hanging in the balance. For Rayson must somehow expose the intricate plot, while once again embracing Saira's reawakened fury, and uncontrollable desire, for the man who inadvertently altered her entire existence. DEAL: Try Aydia for only $.99 (regular price $2.99)!

Omega RisingOMEGA FORCE 4.1 Avg on Amazon Book 1: Omega Rising: Jason Burke was a man hiding from himself in a small cabin high in the American Rocky Mountains when his simple, quiet life was shattered one night by what he first assumed was an aviation mishap. But when he investigates the crash, what he finds will yank him out of his self-imposed exile and thrust him into a world he could have never imagined.

He suddenly finds himself trapped on a damaged alien spacecraft and plunged into a universe of interstellar crime lords and government conspiracies, along the way meeting strange new friends...and enemies. As he struggles to find his way back home, he is inexorably drawn deeper into a world where one misstep could mean his death. Or worse. He desperately wants to get back to Earth, but it may be the end for him. ...or is it just the beginning?

DEAL:  Try Book 1 for just $.99 for a limited time!.

Reckless RescueA BARREN PLANET ROMANCE 4.1 Avg on Amazon Book 1: Reckless Rescue: Stranded on a dying planet, Marlee longs for the one thing she can’t have…a family. The Council insist she pick a new mate and try again, but she’s sworn off love and the possibility of ever having a real family. When a ship from Urslat crashes, Marlee rescues the daring captain, Tyris.

She offers him a deal…he can live with her if he pretends to be her mate so the Council will leave her alone. Will she risk her heart one last time for a chance at her dream? Or will Tyris be her undoing?

Try Book 1 here.


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