"Extremely satisfying thrill ride." Resonance Key by Owen Newport. #scifi #mystery

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Written by
Owen Newport

Genre: Science Fiction, Mystery

In the future, the world is on the brink of another resource war. Nations of the world are competing for the last of Earth's diminishing resources and Australia and the United States are struggling to maintain order.

Tensions are mounting!

Gideon Mansfield fought in and survived the first Resource War, becoming one of the greatest technological innovators the world has seen. But with the murder of his research team in Egypt, Gideon and best friend Marcus set out in search of answers.

What they discover leads them into a world of ancient secrets, protected by fanatical zealots who will do anything to safe guard the knowledge.

Can Gideon decode the secrets in time?

Failure will bring the world to war.

Praise for


Newport has a knack for expertly setting the stage--subtly turning up the little levers of suspense without you actually realizing it--so much that by the time the first indications of the subsequent climax begin appearing as you frantically turn the pages, you're just dying to sink your teeth in it.

Moreover, I love how even villains such as Andre and Sabrina are given well-developed characters that pulse with believable motivations--you understand where they're coming from, which only lends more gravitas to their actions.

Overall, `Resonance Key' is a terrific, extremely satisfying thrill ride. And I hope somebody buys the film rights so that Hollywood could actually make a movie version of it.

I was truly impressed with this book, it was a great read. Owen Newport has created a very well written action thriller that is hard to put down. The characters had a lot of depth, especially Gideon. He was faced with such an incredible task and brings such an exciting element to the storyline. He has to uncover a lot to get to the bottom of things. It will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Without a doubt, I think you'll find that this book delivers an amazing plot that you are sure to enjoy.

I found the prologue to this book very unique, and catchy; it made me wonder what was going on - and who exactly was Gideon Mansfield - right from the very start. The story continues as a sort of "playback" as to what happened that led to that intriguing moment.

The book itself contains plenty of action and adventure and presents an interesting yet highly plausible scenario of how the world's nations could react with regards to the planet's depleting resources. It also contains its fair share of murder, mystery and mayhem - something that I personally enjoy in a good book.

It seems like the author has a good balance of both descriptive imagination and proper research which leads the readers to a very satisfying ending. Well done!

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