Congrats to @GregoryCarrico for winning Sci-Fi Cover Wars. Which book, though?

Gregory Carrico had three books in the Cover Wars competition this month. Two sci-fi books and one that I wouldn't describe as sci-fi, and you know what ... the one that really isn't sci-fi won the competition.

But it has a carved pumpkin on it.

I'd like to call this clever marketing. You'll have to ask him if he planned it that way.

It wasn't my favorite cover. However, my personal favorite was one of his other titles. In any case, let's all give him a hand of applause.

He'll have the option of getting $20 from me or using that "money" toward more promotion on this site. So, you may see more of him in the future. In any case, check out the winning title, which won with 13.71% of the vote.

If you catch this post early enough, there'll still be a chance at a gift card in the scavenger hunt. Have you played yet?

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