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Faust 2.0

(Morton & Mitchell)

Written by Michael Brookes

Genre: Science Fiction

Book Synopsis

A new entity is born into the internet. Is it the rebirth of an ancient evil in a new realm? Or something much worse? A sexy looking avatar grants wishes for people across the web, but nothing is truly free, and for those who accept, what price must be paid?

Sarah Mitchell must discover the truth of this creature and stop it while it can still be stopped, but why is a mysterious lawyer dogging her every step?

Saffron Bryant's Review

I have to say, this book was pretty incredible. Considering the actual ‘science fiction’ element was pretty light I still really like this one and got completely sucked in.

The main focus of the story is on a few different characters, their motivations, and the choices they make. The author has done a tremendous job of getting inside the heads of these characters, some of whom are not the nicest people around.

The basic premise is that an artificial intelligence has been ‘born’ and become sentient. The how/why of this isn’t really covered but it’s not really necessary either. It’s an event which we can all imagine happening in the not too distant future. Anyway, this ‘consciousness’ develops a deep hate of the human race and sets about trying to destroy it.

The AI uses the weaknesses of individual humans to begin to unravel the world. After-all, it has access to all cameras, phones, computers and other systems through interconnected networks etc. So it’s not too difficult for the consciousness to start causing havoc.

It was fascinating to watch the character’s individuals stories unfold as they are manipulated by the AI. A definite 4 stars for Faust 2.0 and kudos to Michael Brookes for coming up with such an original and well executed story.

Review Disclaimer: Book provided in exchange for an honest review.

Content Disclaimer: Marked mature due to Violence, Sex.

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