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Knowing Vera

by Rachelle Ayala

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Vera's dating Zach, casually, not committed, when she discovers her long-departed father is the killer of Zach's mother many years ago.

Meanwhile, Zach reevaluates his life after losing his leg in a tragic accident and realizes he's falling in love with Vera.

Can their timing be so wrong? Vera knows the relationship is doomed, but she cannot resist the tugging of her heart and Zach's panty-melting grin.

Caught in a web of family secrets and hidden agendas, Vera and Zach must depend on each other for survival. A dangerous killer is on the loose, and Vera must find the truth, wherever it leads, even if it destroys her chance for love forever.

Knowing Vera is a suspenseful, cross-cultural romance mixing an unsolved murder, adventure, and hot, steamy love scenes.

An excerpt from

Knowing Vera


March 1991, San Francisco, CA

“Papa, are we there yet?” Seven-year-old Vera Custodio yawned and hugged her stuffed bear, Bing-Bing. The lights on the Golden Gate Bridge glowed orange in the night sky. In the distance, a foghorn bellowed like a sick cow.

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Author Bio

Rachelle Ayala is the author of three romantic novels. Michal's Window is a powerful, emotional journey as lived through the eyes of Princess Michal, King David's first wife. Broken Build is a story of healing where a man learns to love and trust the woman who destroyed his life. Finally, Hidden Under Her Heart is a heartfelt love story mixed with controversy over difficult decisions.

Rachelle is currently working on a romantic suspense involving family secrets, disability, and an unsolved murder. She is a very happy woman and lives in California with her husband. She has three children and has taught violin and made mountain dulcimers.

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