Writers and book lovers, list your Twitter profile to gain more followers.

I wish this idea was mine. I'd feel so special, but alas, I saw someone else do this. However, the way it was done on another blog was through the use of comments. There's a better way, though.

If you are a writer or a lover of books, fill out the form below, and your Twitter profile link will be displayed on this blog post. (I'll follow just about anyone who follows me)

Browse the other ones who leave their Twitter link to find new people to follow.

The form requires a URL (link) of your Twitter profile, not just the handle. This makes it really easy for new people to find your Twitter page. If you don't do it right, I will delete the link, so please: no links to any other locations, such as blogs or other social media sites.

One other hitch. The third party I'm using is having trouble with the HTTP part of the link, so you'll need to make your link look like this:


Just replace TWITTERHANDLE with ... you guessed it ... your Twitter Handle. That also means you need to delete the http:// part. It has the tendency to mess up the link. Sorry for the inconvenience.

For @MasqCrew the following is the full address.