The Mad Reviewer Reading Challenge - join us whether you read a lot or a little.

Do you read a lot?

Or a little?

Either way this post is for you.

The Mad Reviewer
Reading Challenge

The ever-so-mad Carrie Slager — aka The Mad Reviewer — has a challenge for you, and I have agreed to join in her crusade. She challenges you to read 104 books in 2013 (2 books a week) and review each one on your blog, Amazon, B&N, or Goodreads (or any combination thereof)—any site, really.

However, she's an evil empress with a softer side, for she realizes that 104 books in a year is a tall task for many. So, there's different levels you can work toward.

1. Mad Reviewer: 104 books in one year. (2 books a week all year.)

2. Crazy Reviewer: 52 books in one year. (1 book a week all year.)

3. Slightly Sane Reviewer: 26 books in one year. (1 book every fortnight all year.)

4. Sane Reviewer: 12 books in one year. (1 book every month all year.)

There are some rules. (These aren't mine. Personally I would allow audiobooks, but I understand where Carrie is going with that one.)

1. Self-published, independently published and traditionally published books are all completely acceptable. You can even read them on an e-reader.

2. No audiobooks. The point is to read books, not have someone reading to you.

3. No sign up form but if you have a blog you can copy and paste the code below into a text widget:

Goal:  104 books read and reviewed<br>
 Current:  0<br>
 <div style=”height:15px;background:#A9D0F5;border:solid;”>
 <div style=”background:#3366FF;color:white;width:0;”><b>0</b>

As an alternative, you can use the following code. The width of the first DIV is 104 pixels, the "winning" number of read and reviewed books. The width of the second DIV should be the number of books you've read, so this works for a smaller sidebar. For a wider sidebar, adjust the numbers as necessary (as described below). This is the one I will be using on this site. See actual examples below.

<div id="progressbar" style="background-color: black; border-radius: 13px; padding: 3px; width: 104px;">
<div style="background-color: orange; border-radius: 10px; height: 20px; width: 0px;">

Mark Lee
0 books read

Mark Lee
15 books read

Mark Lee
45 books read

For a wide sidebar, you would change the widths of the two DIVs. I would recommend twice as wide or three times as wide (depending on your needs). The following is three times as wide as the ones above. The first DIV is 312 pixels wide, and the second one is 135 pixels wide (or 45 books times 3).

Mark Lee
45 books read

If you would like to join our crew of book reviewers (and incidently have me keep track of how many books you've read), see this post.


Carrie is offering a prize to a grand winner. From her blog ...

Everyone who achieves Mad Reviewer earns 4 entries, Crazy Reviewer earns 3 entries, Slightly Sane Reviewer earns 2 entries and Sane Reviewer earns 1 entry. I will put the names of the bloggers who have completed the challenge (and I have verified that they were honest) in a hat and draw one. I’ll even do it on video so there are no complaints about honesty. So what is the grand prize?

The grand prize will be a book blogger’s prize pack of a free book of your choice with the option of me to put my own annotations in it (some people like reading others’ annotations, but if you don’t like it, that’s cool too) and promotion on my blog. Yes, it’s not exactly a large prize pack, but what I will do that other contest holders won’t is ship anywhere in the world, not just North America. The promotion on my blog can be for either your blog or if you have a book out, I’ll promote that.

With my help, we may be able to offer more prizes for more winners. Time will tell what happens. In any case, the prize shouldn't be the only incentive. The goal is to read more and review what you read. Both of these activities, especially reviews, help authors out tremendously.

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