Writers and Book Lovers, do you want more Twitter followers? Do you follow back?

  1. Writers and Book Lovers, do you want more Twitter followers?
  2. Do you follow back?

If you answered YES to both of those questions, you are in the right place. Now, if you answered Yes to the first but not the second, you may want to check out another list of Tweeple I put together. Feel free to put your name there as there are no follow back requirements. Some may follow you, and you may find a few to follow as well.

Here's the link: HERE

This list is a bit different. It has a follow back requirement. Granted, I'm not talking about following back every thing that follows you on Twitter. No, what I'm referring to is following back like minded individuals, such as writers and other book lovers. This is a place for writers to network and for readers to find new writers to follow (though that isn't a hard thing to do on Twitter). It's also a place for me to hook up with new writers. In fact, I want to follow all writers that are willing to follow me back.

How will I know if you comply with the follow back requirement?

First of all, I will follow you. If you don't follow me back in a reasonable amount of time, you will be deleted from this list.

Second, I manage Twitter accounts for a few writers, so if you don't follow these after they follow you, you will be deleted.

Third, though I doubt this will happen often, if someone informs me that you haven't followed them, I will investigate. If I feel you should be following them (they are a book lover or writer), I will inform you. After a reasonable amount of time, I will delete you from this list if you don't follow back.

Additionally, since I will be checking whether you follow back by using a Twitter list, you will be subject to deletion if you unfollow at any later date.


Read these carefully because I'm doing something differently this time. If you get it wrong, I will not alert you to your mistake. I will simply delete your link. If you have questions, please email me.


  1. DO NOT use your webpage or blog link.
  2. Use your Twitter Link. It should look like this:


  3. Delete the http:// in the form box.
  4. Copy this: www.twitter.com/masqcrew
  5. Replace masqcrew in the above link with your Twitter Handle.
  6. Please do not be cute with the Link Title. Simply use your Twitter Handle, such as MasqCrew or @MasqCrew.

Remember: I will delete your link without informing you, so if you have any questions, email me at the address provided. Thank you for your understanding.