I'm looking for some Indie music to feature on an audio podcast.

I'm organizing an audio podcast series for the new year. We'll be interviewing authors, reading excerpts, and presenting other info that will hopefully be interesting to writers and readers.

To break up all the spoken segments, I would like to feature one song per podcast, something from an Indie Band.

Would you like to be featured?

Each podcast will have an accompanying post. I'll tell people where to go to find your music both in the post and in the podcast itself.

What We Don't Want

I'll take just about any style of music, but what I will be quite strict about will be lyrics. I do not want to mark anything as being mature or explicit.

It's one thing to advertise or promote a steamy romance novel. It's text; someone can easily move on to another post or come back another time, but I won't allow lyrics during the middle of a podcast to alienate listeners.

If You Would Like Me To Consider Your Song

If you would like me to consider your song, fill out the following form.