5 star review: Book of Mercy by @sherryroberts7

Book of Mercy

Written by Sherry Roberts

Genre: Literary Fiction

Book Synopsis

A town banning books.

One woman stands against the censors--and she can't read. Can she win? There's more worth fighting for than you can ever imagine.

Walki's Rating

Walki's Review

When Imogen is upset, she takes off on a driving binge, generally without her cell phone, while her husband Sam works on his welding binge to stave off his worry. This time, she is pregnant and is afraid of being a bad mother, afraid of letting down her child to be. On the way, she picks up another stray, Ryder, a homeless teenager from New York.

Imogen has a secret: she is severely dyslexic. When the busy-bodies in the town of Mercy decide to ban books from the library to protect their children, Imogen stands up against them, and her vegetarian café will become a self-service library as children bring their books to her because they are afraid to see them taken away from them.

‘Book of Mercy’ is a feel-good novel to get absorbed in when you feel the need to take your mind off your own reality. Sherry Roberts created strong and lovable characters to make friends with. At the same time, she brings up the subject of censorship and freedom of choice and expression, and how it can affect private lives and local communities.

Review Disclaimer: This book was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review. The above review was not influenced in any way, including financial.