French Bleu by @gardenlilie - a novel of discovery, personal triumph, and heroism.

French Bleu

By Caroline Clemens


French Bleu, titled after a vintage nightclub in Paris, is a novel of discovery, personal triumph and heroism amidst death, illness and captivity. Olivier, a pilot rescues stranded and desperate souls from famine and war torn areas of Africa. Daniela seeks that which is amiss in her own life, while Brie, a strong woman must find a destiny that awaits her own ambition. A vineyard in the picturesque, garden-like Loire Valley unites these characters while Paris captures their hearts desire.

"Mademoiselle Daniela, champagne for you. Please enjoy" said the flight attendant with a light, gorgeous accent. She handed her the small bottle and a glass filled with bubbly. Ooh la la, thought Daniela, thinking like a French gal, as she giggled. She sipped her champagne as she leaned back to watch the in-flight film in French, wanting to immerse herself in the culture as soon as possible.

The male protagonist was very smooth talking and extremely handsome, and so far the plot seemed to involve him taking some beauty on a moped to the seashore. Daniela was at two glasses of champagne by the time the plane was mid-Atlantic, and she didn't have a care in the world. So much for being worried. Daniela drifted off and dreamt she was in a cabin, looking out the window towards the sea.

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Author Bio

Hi there! I was born in Sandusky, Ohio and lived most of my life in Huron, a small quaint town on Lake Erie. Swimming, boating or fishing were things we enjoyed doing along with eating perch sandwiches, cruising the islands or spending the day at the famous Cedar Point amusement park.

I worked in hospitals across America as a nurse in the ICU's, heart units and recovery rooms. I wrote a couple poems in my twenties and it wasn't until listening to my father recite Poe at the water's edge, namely 'A Dream Within A Dream' that I became fascinated with the written and spoken word.