Sunflowers by @Rural_Writer #NaNoWriMo



Written by Carol Anne Shaw


NaNo Excerpt

Everything changes the day the cops come. I know I'll remember the stupidest things about this day, like the way the Ravioli bubbles down the sides of the white enamel saucepan on the stove. And the TV. It's on – Wheel of Fortune – the volume is cranked up even though no one is in the living room.

Mom won’t come downstairs. She’s been locked in her bedroom all night, yelling and throwing things around. That's why the cops show up in the first place. Somebody called. Mom is being a “public disturbance.”

When they get her door open, she’s out of control, swearing and swinging one of my dad's old belts that he must have left behind. The shorter police officer is being a dickhead. He tells her to stop being such a drama queen but then he sees me standing on the stairs and shuts his ugly mouth. He has one of those stupid cop mustaches and a beer gut. He also smells like onions, or B.O. Maybe both. He says they have to talk to her like this - that they can't take her away and get her help unless she gets violent. They are trying to piss her off. I just stare at him, not saying anything, and step over the growing pile of unpaid bills on the step in front of me and walk to Mom’s room. Most of her hair has come loose from her ponytail and it hangs in front of her face. There is a tomato sauce stain on the sleeve of her shirt, and her face looks even paler than usual from underneath her dark hair.

Author Bio

My name is Carol Anne Shaw, and I am the author of "Hannah & the Spindle Whorl" (MG historical fiction, published by Ronsdale Press in Oct of 2010) My sequel, "Hannah and the Salish Sea" comes out in a few months with Ronsdale, as well. Book #3 is well underway. In addition to working on book #3, I'm also working on a YA contemporary novel called "Sunflowers."