Detective Docherty and the Vampire's Mirror by @WaterRaven #NaNoWriMo


Detective Docherty and the Vampire's Mirror

Written by Sarah WaterRaven

NaNo Excerpt

Ares stood still. He raised the gun and pressed the handle hard against his shoulder blade. His gaze went straight and true through the eye piece. He pulled the trigger. Rapid fire sounded as blood splattered across the mirror and wall.

“Hay dios mio!”

Ares jumped and turned toward the exclamation in alarm. A string of incomprehensive Spainish flew from Maria’s mouth as she flew to the floor on her hands and knees. Javier jumped to the side and rolled onto the carpeting in the hallway.

Ares stood still and patient while the two collected themselves.

“Senior— Senior Ares?” Maria quivered from the ground.

“Yes, Maria. It’s me. I did not mean to alarm you.”

Ares pulled off his goggles and let the paintball gun lay against his side. It had not occurred to him what time it was and how alarming his appearance must be. He looked down at his black camo-outfit and army boots. He suppose he had gone a little overboard, but it had been so long since he had played with his paintballing gear— and by play he meant use in the process of serious scientific research.

“Hay, mi! Senior Ares, what are you doing?” Maria asked as she walked hesitantly into the living room.

“I’ve just noticed something peculiar about this mirror and was conducting an experiment. See? Nothing to worry about.”

Ares pointed at the wall and the crimson mirror that hung from it.

“But why? Why you shoot the beautiful mirror?” Maria asked.

“That’s just the thing, isn’t it? I’ve shot it and the wall at least ten times by now and look, not a speck of red.”

Ares tilted his head as he and Maria regarded the small hallway.

It was true. Ares had spent two hours, painstakingly filling small, round gel capsules that would fit into his paintball gun with cloned blood and then proceeded to shoot the mirror and surrounding wall over and over again. Each time with the same result.

Every time the blood hit the wall or mirror, it would remain there briefly, but before it could even begin to drip down the side, it seeped into the wall or disappeared into the mirror’s surface. It didn’t matter where he shot, each time it was the same.

Initially his experiments had started out small. Tossing a glass of blood onto the mirror and then dumping a bucket of blood over it, but when he realized the blood started to disappear into the wall as well, he realized the surface area was growing.

His next plan most likely involved a sledge hammer into the wall itself, to see if it was disappearing somewhere on the other side, though his instincts told him it was unlikely and he was just going to ruin a perfectly good wall.

Ares had a blood thirsty mirror hanging on his wall and he didn’t know what to do about it.

“Evening Javier, did you put the new slow release fertilizer on the rose bed?”

“Yes, Mr. Ares.”

“Good. I am assuming you’re just dropping Maria off?”


“Alright, well, good evening to you.”

“Goodnight, Mr. Ares.”

Javier turned to leave and shut the door behind him. Ares turned to Maria. Her hair was dishevelled and her blouse crumpled.

“Maria, I am going to have to ask you to not touch this wall or mirror.” Ares indicated the area he was referring to. “In fact, avoid the hallway all together. You can pass by to clean the bedrooms and office, but I must insist you do not touch anything in the hallway, do you understand?”

“Yes, Senior Ares. I will no touch.”

Maria nodded to him as she passed him to get to the cleaning closet. Ares’s gaze followed her as he considered the possible danger the mirror my pose.

So far the only thing it did was absorb blood. Ares could not explain his sick fascination with it, nor why he hid it from Alexandria and the Detective. He had not entertained either of them since he obtained it.

He had so many questions and while he knew Docherty would be the best for answers, he could not bring himself to ask him. He avoided thoughts on why.

Thus far the mirror had not shown any signs of the behavior it exhibited at the Esposito house, but perhaps that was because where were no dead people in his penthouse, not yet anyway.

Ares decided to remove his equipment and head out for the evening. He had plans to meet Alexandria at Ek Chuah before his lecture later in the evening.

Author Bio

Picture, if you will, a young woman with messy black hair, akin to a crow's nest, of average height, and good humour. Sarah WaterRaven is her name. She enjoys hiking, yoga, and shiny things. When she's not swimming, horseback riding, or covered in dog slobber, she moonlights as a fantasy author and artist. Sarah published her first novel, Detective Docherty and the Demon's Tears, this year and plans on publishing many more adventures.