Poetry isn't an exact science ... From the Cafe and Beyond by @NadiaJWriter

POETRY ISN'T an exact science and it doesn't have any hard or fast rules. It flows from the heart, a deeply personal narrative of each person's journey through life.

From the Cafe
and Beyond

A Collection
of Poems
Other Writings

Nadia Hasan

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Inside this book are poems told through the eyes of one woman and her struggle to make sense of the world she lives in.

Beautiful, sometimes dark, haunting and tragic. Her voice resonates off each page.

Also inside this book, you will also find stories and excerpts that she has written. Each one with characters as interesting and diverse as the issues they all face. Perhaps, you will find someone who is very much like you. So take a sit, have a cup of coffee, enter the cafe and beyond...

Review Quote from Amazon

"It's full of raw pain and also beauty ... the truth of it is so gut wrenching."


Why a Writer?

If I let loose all my anger,
I could engulf the whole world in it.
Spreading a like a dark tide,
It would only consume my soul.

If I sowed the seeds of all my disappointments,
I would create fields of shadowy blooms.
If I planted trees and watered them with my sorrows,
There would be willows growing on every corner.

Despite my pain,
My stubborn nature will win,
And I will still find reasons to smile.
I would rather plant pain on paper,
And allow my words to flow freely there.

Burying the glowing coals of my hope,
Inside the lines of notebooks,
Until my words catch fire, sparking thought.
I’d rather light up the whole world,
In flames of creative conscious.

I will tear out the stones of heartbreak,
Weighing me down deep inside.
I will polish them with my pen,
Until they sparkle like diamonds in the dark.

I will take your hand as read these rhymes,
Let me show you how to push on, together.

Author Bio

Nadia Hasan is twenty-two years old and currently lives in Detroit, MI. Right now, she spends her time being a college student who is working hard toward a degree in English.

She's also learning languages. She's near-fluent in Spanish, but would like to be fluent in as many as three different languages besides English. She was born with cerebral palsy, but likes to think that is the least important aspect of her life.

Nadia loves spending time with friends and family, has a never-ending craving for Mexican food and enjoys going to rock concerts. Writing has always been a passion for her and getting published has always been a dream.

When asked what's most important to her about her writing, she says, "I want to write things that matter, things that speak to people and make them listen. I hope that my writing can inspire others and maybe help save a life or two."