Return of World Circus (working title) by @ChuckWesJ #NaNoWriMo


Return of World Circus

(working title)
sequel to Circus Tarot

Written by Charles W. Jones


NaNo Excerpt

“What do you have to report, Knight?” the Queen of Foils demanded.

He looked around the room quickly, no sign of Mary.

“Oh wonderful, look who’s returned,” the King sneered.

“Have you lost your alleged wife again?”

“Yes, I have, actually.”

“Well she certainly isn’t here,” the Queen said. “Guards, take him…oh, never mind. I assume that the remaining deck is complete, King.”

“I assume the same; otherwise we wouldn’t be blessed with him again.” He glared at Darrin.

“I said she isn’t here. Why are you still here?”

He did not wait for either to say anything more and left the Castle of the Ladies and Gentlemen as quickly as he legs could carry him. Once outside, he whistled and his horse trotted from the garden to stand in front of him.

* * * *

“Oh, darling, we need to hurry.”

“Why? Rehearsals are done and the show doesn’t start for several hours. We can make slow love all afternoon.”

The Devil turned from the counter and looked over at her standing from the bed.

“Damn it. You aren’t supposed to be here. You are supposed to be sending us replacements.”

“Well I can’t do that,” she said, holding a nail file to his neck. “You bastards kidnapped my daughter and you will receive no replacements, so I would recommend that you make sure that everyone stays in truce.”

“High Priestess, I can assure you that no one has been kidnapped. The Page of Buckets came to us of her own free will.”

“I’m sure there was no trickery.”

“Well, maybe a little but it’s only fair, you tried to kill us all.”

“Better than you doing to each other.”

“Is it? Really? Who made you the judge and jury? We have an ecosystem.”

“Murder and slaughter is not an ecosystem.”

“What about the fun and the sex? You can’t tell me that you didn’t like that part. I let you intermingle with whoever you want as long as you save some for me.”

“Oh yeah,” she blushed. “That is always fun. I guess we have time. Wait no. Quit manipulating me.”

“Sweetheart, I think you are the one in control. After-all, you are fully dressed with a sharp nail file point at my jugular and look at me bare like a new born.”

She glanced down at his nude red body. She fought back a moan and managed to turn it into a squeak.

“Get out of my trailer.”

She led him to the door without moving the nail file from his throat. He stepped out of the trailer. The light of the afternoon sun washed him out to pink. A wad of clothing followed him. Cat-calls and giggles erupted from Clowns and other members of the Circus.

“I can take care of that for you,” the Bearded Lady called out to him

“You’ll get yours, bitch, miss lady High Priestess, you’ll get yours,” he said as he gathered his clothes. He stomped away to his trailer.

“Darrin, where are you?” Mary said, watching the Devil retreat with his tail between his legs (literally).