An untitled work from @exploringbooks #NaNoWriMo



Written by Ashten Healy

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NaNo Excerpt

Have you ever had a feeling that you just can’t shake like something is wrong or something big is about to happen well I have had that feeling all day. It is really starting to get annoying. I use to get them all the time when I was a little girl but not so much as I got older. This...this is different.

I turn to the clock and it 2:55 only five more minutes until I escape this hell hole people call high school. I turn back to the teacher and try to listen to her go on and on about the Cold War but it is very hard to do when u can’t shake something that is bothering.


Finally. I shove my stuff into my bag and run from the classroom not even bothering to slow down when Mrs. Wheelend tells me to slow down. I make it to my locker just in time to see my best friend Carter walking up to it.

“Hey Elsie. You...” Soon. I heard someone say so softly. I didn’t catch the rest of what Carter said.

Soon? What could that possibly mean? “Elsie!”

“What? I am sorry I guess I got distracted. What where you saying?”

“I was asking if you we’re ready to go.”

“Oh yea lets go.” I grab my stuff and we head out to his car. Cater is trying to make conversation but I am not really listening I keep thinking about Soon means.

The ride to my house did not take long at all and the bad feeling I got at school was only getting worse. This only happened when I was little. What the hell is wrong with me? I sat there wallowing in my own self pit I didn’t realize the Carter pulled up to my house. That is when I felt it. That bad feeling comes crashing into me.

“Carter thank you for the ride I will call you later.” I did not give him time to answer because I bolted from the car.

As I run up the front stairs to my house I see a car parked in my drive way that I have not seen before. I walk up to the front door and the door is open which is weird because my mom always keeps it locked she is kind of paranoid like that. So like any normal person I open the door and stick my head in everything seems fine. Too soon to speak, at first it was only whispers that I heard but then…

“What have you done with my sister?” I hear a girl shout at the top of her lungs.

“I don’t know who you are talking about.” Mom? What would someone want with my mom?

“Oh please don’t give that. I can sense that she has been here.” I peek around the corner to see my mother tied up and four teenagers around my age standing near her. There were three boys and one girl.

I could not get a good look at the girls face but the three boys looked identical to each other. Dark brown hair, piercing eyes, tall, they looked maybe 6”1. They did not look scary at all. One was by the window, one was by the stairs leading to my room and the other was near my mom. Now the girl although I could not see her face you could tell by her body language that she was not to be messed with.

Finally my eyes landed on my mom’s face she doesn’t seem to be scared. This is good. Maybe I could get her attention somehow, but before I could my body is the one to react.

“Get away from my mom. What do you think you are doing?” This got the girls attention.

“Elsie sweetie please you have to leave…” But my mom’s pleas are no longer my focus. The girl that stood in from of me was me right down the freckle by my lower lip on the left side of my face. I could not think straight. Then I hear my voice but it was coming from her mouth.

“Oh I am so sorry I am Claire. She said all peppy. Wow her mood sure did change quickly. “These are my well our brothers. See boys I told you my spell would work!” Spell what spell? She said our brothers. I am an only child. She is crazy.