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He Lies at
My Front Door

by A.C. Gregory

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Genre: Romantic Crime Thriller

After defending herself against her attacker, Julia thinks she will return to her mundane life full of family drama and work deadlines as a review girl of a local paper. Little does she know that those are the very least of her worries.

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Chapter One

The street crowded with spectators, trying to get a glimpse of the action. They politely pushed each other hoping to see something that could make their lives more interesting. The flashing lights changed the color of everyone's faces to mauve, then strawberry, then mauve again. I watched them out of the corner of my eye, by peering over my shoulder. They look like zombies, I thought. Brainless and bumping into each other.

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Author Bio

A.C. Gregory

I am a Writer, Editor, and Traveler, who is currently residing in Roatan, Honduras. When I'm not updating Juke Pop Serials, I can be found teaching English at a local school or spending time at the beach. Don't forget to follow me/tweet me on Twitter!

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