5 Fun Facts about @deaubreydigest, Our New Crew Member

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Meet C.V.

I can pull my own espresso, tell if milk is steamed to the proper 160 degrees by the sound it makes and I'm pretty good at latte art.

Although I am under the age of 50, I crochet and I enjoy doing it. I once finished a throw blanket in two hours.

I collect resin ball joint dolls. I create wigs, make clothes and paint faces for them.

I am a cosplayer. My costumes are from anime, manga and video games.

I'm a gamer: tabletop, PC and console. My favorite game is Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne.

Thank you! I look forward to reviewing for the Crew!

Latte art? Now that's a skill worth having! Welcome to the Crew, C.V.!
DeeJay and Mark