"Clever and a bit scary." Late Bite by @johnmatsui99 #paranormal #thriller

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Late Bite

Late night TV star or killer?

The Toronto Vampire Chronicles Book 1

Written by John Matsui

Genre: Paranormal Thriller

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Dragul Mangorian is the #1 Late Night talk show host on TV. He also happens to be a vampire. Everything seems to be going perfectly for him and his best friend and partner, Al Hamblyn, until people start to die.

Late Bite takes readers on a rollercoaster that twists and turns, mixes humour with thrills, while presenting a completely fresh take on the vampire myth. At the heart of the story is a mystery that only unravels after heart-pounding suspense and gut-wrenching action scenes.

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Late Bite

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Fans are saying

Weaves a good story with details from many different areas of life. Interesting Canadian reference. Good use of dialogue.

An easy and satisfying read for those who like their night-time reading clever and a bit scary.

I zipped through this thriller quickly and learned a great deal about vampires and law courts.

This book's vampire Dragul does good in exchange for a pint of blood (and you can easily spare a pint) - he heals the depressed and empowers the bullied. But what happens in the end? Was it all a dream?

I have never read a vampire book or seen a vampire movie since being scared to death by a Dracula movie when I was 12 (and then sleeping for the next year with a cross clenched in my hand).

This was a good way to learn that Homo Sanguinus is another group that has suffered genocide at the hands of merciless Homo Sapiens. You learn something every day.

— Susan

Author Bio

John Matsui

John Matsui was an award-winning journalist and an innovative public relations consultant. Now he's focused his inventiveness to create tension and action filled thrillers.

John lives in London Ontario with his wife, Judy.