"A must-read for sci-fi enthusiasts." The Culling by @jcandrijeski #scifi

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The Culling

Alien Apocalypse Part I

Written by J.C. Andrijeski

Genre: Sci-Fi, New Adult

"Humans who ran, got culled..."

Jet is a 19-year-old skag, one of the humans still living free on Earth following an invasion of creatures called the Nirreth. Squatting in the ruins of Vancouver, Jet and her family eke out an existence underground, hiding from culler ships and fighting off raiding humans.

No one knows where the alien ships take the people they steal, but they never return. When a culler finds Jet, she may discover the truth the hard way...and end up living among the very creatures that have enslaved her.

Jet was born after the first war was already lost...

But she might be just in time for the second.
Living on the fringes of an alien-owned world,
She might just be the leader they needed.

Walki's Review

I chose to read 'The Culling' because the beginning of this novel was set in Vancouver, and because it featured a female main character. This book exceeded my expectations. Jet Tetsuo is a 19-year-old skag living with her family in a settlement located in the ruins of Vancouver. She has spent most of her life underground to avoid the Nirreth, the alien people who invaded Earth. That they contributed or not to the destruction of the human environment and the extinction of most animals is debatable.

One can argue that humans don't need help when it comes to selfish destruction. The fact is that one day, while running an errand in the desolated streets of Vancouver, Jet Tetsuo is captured by a Nirreth culling ship. What do Nirreth do with the humans they captured? Do they experiment on them? Do they eat them? Jet is about to find out.

Jet is strong-willed and well trained in the art of sword-fighting. Jet is also loyal to humanity, contrary to the irritating Richter, the pirate who captains the Nirreth culling ship, which takes Jet to the Green Zone (where the Nirreth live), along with her best friend Anaze, who followed her and got captured when trying to help her. He is the leverage Richter can use to control Jet. Thus, our heroin is now responsible not just for her own survival, but also for his.

The characters are three-dimensional and alive in the readers' mind. The action is fast-paced and detailed, while peppered with Jet's thoughts and info on her life and our planet's fate. The writing is bold and entertaining, always keeping the readers captivated. The novel is written from Jet's point of view, and the readers discover truths about the alien invaders as soon as she does. And there is so much more to meet the eyes wherever she looks.

The Culling' is the first instalment in the Alien Apocalypse series, a dystopian saga for new adults, that will capture the readers' imagination regardless of age. A must-read for sci-fi enthusiasts.

Review Disclaimer: Book provided in exchange for an honest review.