Einstein Relatively Simple: Our Universe Revealed in Everyday Language by @IMEgdall #nonfiction

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Einstein Relatively Simple

Our Universe Revealed in Everyday Language

Written by Ira Mark Egdall

Genre: Non-Fiction, Science, Physics

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Einstein Relatively Simple brings together for the first time an exceptionally clear explanation of both special and general relativity. It is for people who always wanted to understand Einstein's ideas but never thought they could.

Told with humor, enthusiasm, and rare clarity, this entertaining book reveals how a former high school drop-out revolutionized our understanding of space and time. From E=mc2 and everyday time travel to black holes and the big bang, Einstein Relatively Simple takes us all, regardless of our scientific backgrounds, on a mind-boggling journey through the depths of Einstein's universe.

Along the way, we track Einstein through the perils and triumphs of his life — follow his thinking, his logic, and his insights — and chronicle the audacity, imagination, and sheer genius of the man recognized as the greatest scientist of the modern era.

In Part I on special relativity we learn how time slows and space shrinks with motion, and how mass and energy are equivalent. Part II on general relativity reveals a cosmos where black holes trap light and stop time, where wormholes form gravitational time machines, where space itself is continually expanding, and where some 13.7 billion years ago our universe was born in the ultimate cosmic event — the Big Bang.

  • Einstein Discovered: Special Relativity, E = mc2,and Spacetime:
    • From Unknown to Revolutionary
    • The Great Conflict
    • The Two Postulates
    • A New Reality
    • The Shrinking of Time
    • Simultaneity and the Squeezing of Space
    • The World's Most Famous Equation
    • Spacetime
  • Einstein Revealed: General Relativity, Gravity, and the Cosmos:
    • Einstein's Dream
    • “The Happiest Thought of My Life”
    • The Warping of Space and Time
    • Stitching Spacetime
    • What is Spacetime Curvature?
    • Einstein's Masterpiece
    • The Universe Revealed
    • In the Beginning
Readership: Adults and young people all over the world who are curious about Einstein and how the universe works.

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Einstein Relatively Simple


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Fans are saying

I enjoyed the book a lot.

Like many of us, I grew up wondering what Einstein's theories really meant. Well, this book delivers to the reader how Einstein's theories impinge on our lives.

For anyone who is curious enough to want to read and understand his theories this is it. The book has no tensor notation, complex equations, nor the electro-magnetic derivations from Maxwell's vaunted EM theory.

This book is meant for those who want to understand Einstein in plain English.

As a Physics major, I was always fascinated by Einstein. As a Physics teacher, my students constantly ask me questions about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

Egdall’s book delivers an insight into Einstein’s achievements with a different perception. Egdall entwines his own wonderful sense of humor and a marvelous writing style into an engaging history of Einstein’s development of his work.

I have always found that my students best remember those concepts taught with a history of the people involved…the people and events that surrounded the discoveries…rather than just dry pieces of information.

The reader is allowed to see how science changes over time and how new observations and collaborations allow scientists to refine and change their ideas.

Egdall includes enough mathematics to keep us “nerds” reading this book totally involved…but manages that delicate balance that allows the non-science, but interested reader, to readily grasp the complex and challenging aspects of the Theory of Relativity.

After reading Egdall’s book, I have a stronger, broader awareness of Einstein’s work as well as his struggles with the development of his Theories. I eagerly await the next school year and the opportunity to share my augmented comprehension with my students.

This is an excellent book for the person who is wondering about Einstein’s body of work. It is also a terrific resource for the Physics teacher and is a great suggested reading for those discerning students who crave more information.

Author Bio

Ira Mark Egdall

Ira Mark Egdall is the author of Einstein Relatively Simple: Our Universe Revealed in Everyday Language, and the eBook Unsung Heroes of the Universe. He is also a popular science writer for DecodedScience.com.

He is a retired aerospace program manager with an undergraduate degree in physics from Northeastern University. Mark now teaches lay courses in modern physics at Lifelong Learning Institutes at Florida International University, the University of Miami, and Nova Southeastern University. He also gives entertaining talks on Einstein and time travel.

When not thinking about physics, Mark spends his time playing with his grandchildren and driving his wife of 46 years crazy.