And the WINNER of the 1st Scribble Flash Fiction Contest is...

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"How Well Do You Know Your Spouse?"
by Fiona McGier

First off, thanks to everyone who participated in our first ever Scribble Contest! We had a great selection of stories submitted and some really awesome reads!

The chosen prompt was a drag show, a set of dentures and the Vice President. Fiona has won a $50 Amazon Gift Card, as well as the opportunity to takeover the Masquerade Crew website for a full week! So why did we choose this story? Read below to see why!

Aurelia:  "How Well Do You Know Your Spouse" was a fresh take on the wacky prompt! I was hooked on the short story from the very beginning and it incorporated the prompt so seamlessly I almost forgot it was being used. Also the ending was probably my favorite part, it caught me completely by surprise!

Bella: For me, short fiction such as this--especially with a set-up/prompt like this one got!--is all about the surprise. It works best when there's some twist or turn that you didn't easily see coming, and I'll definitely say that "How Well Do You Know Your Spouse" fit that bill! In fact, it had more than one I didn't see coming, and that's what I liked best about it.

DeeJay: The ending, the ending! It was all about the ending! I remembered being like "WHAAAA???" when I arrived at this point, and instantly declaring this story a top contender. It was fantastically written and grabs you with the first sentence. In the end, this story could not be denied as the champion!

Mark: Like DeeJay and Aurelia, the ending is what made this story shine. Up to that last line, it was good, but that last line shoved it into great. Even awesome! Without that line, it would have been like someone telling a really good joke but forgetting to include the punchline. Well, maybe not that bad, but that's how important that last line was.

Again, congrats to Fiona McGier!

We can't wait for the next Scribble Contest!