Defeats the purpose? "I would do it if I had control over the cover and contents."

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In a recent post, I asked for people's opinion about a promotion idea I would like to try. In short, I would pull a bunch of novels together, publish them as a single anthology, promote said anthology, and using the royalties to pay both my fee and advertising costs, such as expensive blog tours.

The poll results have been interesting to say the least. Anyway, one of the comments from a pollster was this: "I would do it if I had control over the cover and contents."

This is a lovely comment, but frankly, I don't see how it would be possible. Except...

Sure, this author could put their own anthology together, inviting fellow authors to contribute. In that situation, the organizing author could have total control of the contents and the cover.

How do I help in that instance?

Well, I suppose I could be hired simply for marketing, but in that case, I would want my fee upfront. A costly venture, to say the least.

Another solution would be to have me publish it as planned, thus having me take care of the finances. In that case, I wouldn't partake in the selection process or purchasing the cover. The organizing author would receive a portion of the proceeds to pay for their initial contribution.

This sort of system could work, and I would be happy to entertain the idea should an author or group of authors wish to pursue it.

So, in conclusion, it doesn't defeat the purpose of Masquerade Megapacks. It is simply another way to do it.

Any other ideas to add to the mix? 

Share them below, through email, or vote in the poll.