World of Words by @JeanNicole19

The following is a guest post from JeanNicole Rivers.

World of Words

There is no greater value in reading than that of learning. There is no greater gift than an education about self and about the world. Through reading you can tour the universe from a cozy corner of your home, while peeking over the lip of your favorite coffee mug through the curtain of steam from your chai tea.

Without ever leaving your city limits, you can explore wildlife native only to the other side of the earth with the flip of a page. You can understand an infinite number of relationships that you may or may not have had the honor or misfortune of experiencing personally, all through simple words strung together in a sentence.

It’s amazing.

Stranded on an island for the rest of my days, there is no question, I would choose a book if I were allowed only one companion.

Learning about everything in the world outside of you is a gift that can only be overshadowed by the gift of learning about everything that is inside of you. Reading takes you on a journey around the world, while fortifying the concept that everything that the world can be at the pinnacle of its beautiful magnificence is already inside of you and only needs to be brought to life.

If you never go any further than your imagination, you have gone far enough.