Please excuse my addled, bipolar mania ... AGAIN!

I've gone and done it again.

Those of you who have followed this blog for a while may remember this post from a little more than a year ago. I was completely honest about how I overreach sometimes. A lot of times. Most of the time. Heck, all the time.

Those who know me the best know this all too well: my wife, my parents, and my business partner (DeeJay). They know to ignore about half of what I say and to take with a grain of salt the other half.

I've come a long way, though...

A little more than a year ago when that post was written, I had just recently begun to explore the option of making money off this blog. What started off as a donation arrangement where I didn't set any prices has turned into a full-fledged business.

In fact, for the previous two months the money from this site accounted for about 30% of our household income and 70% of what I personally bring in.

And there's other good news: my organization is getting better, especially with the help of DeeJay, not to mention most recently my wife. Some great things have happened because of those two ladies, and the future is bright with their continued support.


There will always be things to fix

Such As...

The way promotion is organized on this site.

At the end of July I introduced more options with the advertising packages. My motives were good—I wanted to offer as much flexibility and choice as I could muster, but in doing so I made it a complete mess.

Every author who has bought promotion since that time (not counting the Cover Wars/Scavenger Hunt campaigns) has been utterly confused at what exactly they were buying. Totally my fault. The only thing that continues to save me is that I have a reputation for going above and beyond.

So, I am scraping the current advertising system, which in some form or another has been around since right after the donation arrangement.

No more bundling, in other words. Instead, simplify is the new goal. Each service you buy will be focused on one thing, which should make it easier to understand what you are getting, plus easier for me to keep track of.

Everything that is currently offered in the advertising packages will be represented in one way or another, and at least two other services will make their official debut very soon. One of them I've been doing for a while, but only when authors have asked. I've never officially done the other, but some authors seriously need to consider it.

Stay tuned.