In order to join a nudist colony, what must you do?

Welcome to the Romance Scavenger Hunt.

The title to this blog post is one of the questions in the scavenger hunt. In case you missed it (not sure how), here it is again: In order to join a nudist colony, what must you do?

(Edit: It's come to my attention that 'nudist colony' is a derogatory term. Though I am not going to change the wording since the wording comes directly from the hunt itself, I would like to state officially that I am not using it in a negative or derisive way, and I don't think the author who used it in the blog post meant it in such a way either.)

Other questions you'll find on the hunt:

  • Are mermaids into BDSM?
  • Which bit of Joe's anatomy does Vanessa admire most?
  • What does Mason taste when he kisses Alicia?

The above is just a sampling. You'll find several more on the hunt. Have you played?

Though answering each of the questions is not required, I encourage you to play the entire hunt so that you can earn the greatest amount of chances as possible. Also, I will be adding entry options one more time this month, so come back and support these authors some more.

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