Why I'm leaning away from multiple post advertising campaigns

In the previous post I discussed some of the changes I'll soon put into place in regards to advertising on this site. My goal is to simplify, though it wouldn't surprise me if complexity finds its way in.

One way in which I hope to simplify is to lean away from multiple post campaigns. If I can put everything into one post without presenting the blog equivalent of a novel, this could have a positive effect on the entire process.

Scheduling will be simpler. I wouldn't have to keep track of multiple posts because I would only have to schedule one. Which means I also wouldn't have to worry about fitting a second or third post into an already busy blogging schedule.

Twitter Marketing will be simpler. What complicates Twitter Marketing right now is that I don't really want to work on it until all the posts for a campaign are done. This wouldn't be a problem if there's just one post most of the time.

I'll mess up less. Because I'll be getting away from the more expensive packages that come with multiple posts, I'll drop the ball less. I want to be able to do the bulk of the work for an advertiser at one time, not separated by days or weeks which is why I sometimes mess up. Once the few simple steps are done, I'm done.

1. Compose the post.
2. Publish the post.
3. Compose the tweets.
4. Schedule the tweets.
5. Rinse and repeat.

Now, not every campaign will be that easy, but you get the idea.