Congrats to @AlexiaAdamsAuth, winner of the Romance Cover Wars



Alexia Adams

Romance Cover Wars was a huge success. There were more than 1,500 votes. Several of the authors fought for first place. I could tell from tweets, blog posts, and the like. However, we have a clear winner: Alexia Adams, author of Singapore Fling.

This cover received 281 votes, which was 18.44% of the vote. Though the book was in the lead for the second half of the month, each new vote putting more and more space between it and the next book, Singapore Fling wasn't always in the lead. It took a couple of weeks to get there.

Stay tuned because later this month Singapore Fling will be featured again. Until then, check out the book on Amazon and be sure to follow Alexia on Twitter. (@AlexiaAdamsAuth)

Also, Sci-Fi Cover Wars starts tomorrow—in other words, the fun continues. Yes, I know it'll still be September, but we are getting out of Dodge (ha ha, Kansas joke) on the 1st. Going to visit my parents in Texas and celebrate our 10 year anniversary.

Here's a breakdown of the final vote. It's hard to see here since it's so big, so you may want to click on it to see the full version.