According to @NineInchBride I have no clue. What do you think?

No commentary from me (at least for now). Just the raw Twitter conversation. Tell me what you think in the comments.

  Won't read your book just to figure out why you aren't following back. Can't tell from your website either. Care to say why?
OK, I have no clue why that matters when you follow people on Twitter, but to each their own. 
Hope you don't treat all book bloggers this way. 
@NineInchBride Sounds like you are missing the point of networking. 
We review and market just about any genre, so it would make sense that I want to connect with all writers. 
OK then, reading multiple genres is now a crime. Gotcha. Good luck finding reviewers who match your criteria. 
So, what genre would I have to cater to or love to read to be worthy in your book? 
We'll see what my readers have to say. 

I will say one thing. He or she deleted most of their side of the conversation, which is why I couldn't embed it. However, I had saved it before it was deleted.