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Winter's Island

Written by Lillian MacKenzie Rhine

Cay Winters is an impressionable free spirit from Los Angeles, California. Losing her mother at a very youthful age has given her a drive to live life a certain way. Her aunt Lulu and cousin Malcolm welcome her into their hearts, taking care of all of the things needed by a motherless child. Being an artist has taken her to a lot of interesting places; but when the chance to live in Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands appears, she is eager to take it.

Once there, she is overwhelmed by the beauty and the mystique of the Virgin Islands. The food, the beaches, the attractions are amazing, but William Gatling is the best part. He takes on the task of teaching Cay how to love the right way. The only problem is the secret that he holds from her. A revelation that could rip her from his heart; or, worse yet, end her life.

The two lovers spend so much effort trying to fight their inner demons that they cannot see the true devils that are sitting in front of their faces. Once Cay fights her battles within, she can finally win the war outside. Once William accepts the truth, he can see the light.

Excerpt from
Winter's Island

She decided to leave the remainder of the preparations until the morning, because the storm looked very dark and angry from her vantage point. Needing to bring something home for dinner, Cay made her way to adjacent bistro to pick up some roti and rice and peas for dinner. While she waited for the meal to cook, Cay noticed a suite in one of the buildings was rented out by a fortune teller.

Always curious to check out unique things, Cay noted the time, entering the small building filled with magic spell books and whimsical souvenirs. A table was in the middle of the room with a burgundy cover fitted with tassels on the ends and tarot cards laid out on top. Cay took a mental note of the large hurricane candle holder filled with what appeared to be chicken bones and feathers. Exploring the opposite side of the small enclosure of a shop, there were glass spheres of all sizes. She turn to check out the cards on the table; and, to her surprise a older woman was sitting with the deck in her hand staring at Cay with a stone face.

“Please sit,” she said with a distinct accent. Cay took the chair right across from the woman. She was so unnerved that perspiration started to form near her head. Not knowing exactly what to do, Cay offered her hand for a greeting.

“Chile, I knows who you are.” Speechless, Cay listened on. “Listen to me and listen good.” A crash of thunder was heard in the distance. “When the dark meets the light, crimson will tint the street.” Palming the material of her skirt with sweat-infused palms, Cay muttered, “I do not understand.”

“Do not be a fool. When the dark meets the light. When black sees white. Crimson. Blood my chile. Will tint the street. Do you hear me now?”

“Yes,” Cay said not fully understanding the meaning but scared to mention her ignorance.

“Good. Now run on home. The dark is coming and coming fast.” The woman’s leathery face shifted in expression. “Go now. The black has arrived and it is not muted.” Cay stood leaving a few dollars on the table. Trekking out of the entrance, not looking back, she approached the bistro finding Jeremiah standing with her order in his hands. Cay willed her body to not be phased by him.