Paranormal story seriously switches things up. Water and Fire by @DemelzaCarlton #romance

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Water and Fire

(Ocean's Gift)

Written by Demelza Carlton

Working as a student midwife in an Australian country hospital is never easy, but Belinda finds more trouble than most.

There's the intern doctor who follows her around like an overgrown puppy, the dangerous local wildlife and her own secrets she must keep. When she finds herself without a place to live, what else can possibly go wrong?

Or is it time for something to go right?

A steamy contemporary medical romance involving a sexy doctor, a naughty nurse, a midwife on a mission and a mysterious predator - set against the backdrop of Albany, Western Australia.

This book is DRM-free for ease of enjoyment across multiple devices.

Praise for
'Water and Fire'

Water and Fire, a prequel to Ms Carlton's 'Ocean's Gift' series, certainly doesn't disappoint. With superbly crafted characters - the naughty Lin a particular highlight - and a setting that draws the reader in from the off, the sex and whiskey are of equal heat and import. One cannot help oneself hanging onto Ms Carlton's every word, longing for more at the end...

Contempory romance it may be, but this is a story about sex and whiskey, water and fire...

I was hooked from the get-go! Amazingly written, this paranormal story seriously switches things up from the regular vampire and werewolf type story since there are none in this one!

I loved this story! The interaction between Aidan and Belinda, from the heart-thumping moments of suspense at the beginning, to the whole "is this guy going to give it up" moments interspersed throughout, to how they slowly fall for one another, Water and Fire truly is a great paranormal romance with nuances of other genres rolled into the mix.

I was caught in the first few chapters! Drawn into the world of a small bush hospital in outback Australia. Lanky red haired doctor Aidan falls for the new midwife and romance blossoms. But wait, where are the mermaids? I asked myself. You'll have to read it to find out!