If you like paranormal romances about psychic teams... Dangerous Dreams by @AileenHarkwood

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Dangerous Dreams

(The Dreamrunners Society, Book 1)

Written by Aileen Harkwood

Sometimes danger comes in a dream...

Plagued by nightmares of terrorist bombings, Lara Freberg is a so-called Lost One, unaware of her psychic gift for literally being in two places at once. While her true body sleeps, her twin is helplessly drawn to scenes of unspeakable horror. Kidnapped by a corrupt, CIA-like organization determined to exploit her abilities, Lara is given no choice. Cooperate or die. Until the midnight spying missions that make her the willing prisoner of an erotic stranger. Does she dare trust him with her warning of a future attack on American soil?

Jack Mayfield will never forgive himself for being too late to free Lara from the Greys, The Dreamrunners Society's sworn enemies. An elite front line operative, Jack is able to find and save the Lost Ones no one else can. Nothing, however, can prepare him for the shock of losing the woman who holds the key to unlocking his war weary heart. Now Jack is in a race for her life. Lara's dreaming half may be able to drive him wild with passion, but can he believe her when she says the Greys haven't turned her against him and the Society?

It won't be easy to rescue his one true love from certain death.

Praise for

Dangerous Dreams

Dark and captivating, with a story and characters that get under your skin, and a reality intermingled with dreams and frightening nightmares, Dangerous Dreams is the start to what is sure to become one of my favorite series. Violence and political intrigue lurk in the shadows of an intense romance forged by an undeniable and mysterious connection between two Dreamrunners, or humans with a special ability to leave their bodies and travel instantly to distant places. Lara does not know that she is special, and Jack must save her from those that will torture and even kill her for her gift.

The story is fast-paced and filled with action and surprising plot twists. The author does an excellent job of weaving important information about the Dreamrunners in to the flow of the story. Facts are revealed in perfect timing with the action, just enough to make sense, but never too much to be overwhelming. The ins and outs of being a Dreamrunner could become complicated or confusing, but it's a seamless part of the story.

If you like paranormal romances about psychic teams I recommend this book. It's right up there with Christine Feehan's GhostWalkers, Heather Graham's Krewe of Hunters, or Kay Hooper's Bishop FBI Special Unit books. Different in a lot of ways, more intense on the thriller side, but just as good.

I found the book fast-paced with lots of scary paranormal action and an interesting twist on psychic abilities. Good characters. Not as many as in a Bishop or Krewe book, which I love, but those books sometimes have so many you lose track and you don't get to spend enough time with each one. I liked that the author decided to concentrate the story on Lara and Jack so we could see their love build.